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It could look something like this:. In hopes of learning more about [Company], I had a meeting with [Name].

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She noted that, despite the platform increasing retention and lowering costs for clients, the upfront cost to onboard was a major obstacle. In my previous role, we dealt with a similar situation. Our clients were receptive to adopting a new platform despite the data showing that it would be beneficial for all parties. I spearheaded an initiative where we tested and analyzed several revenue models that maximized adoption rates and profit margins. Using the information that [Name] gave me, I outlined the process in detail as it relates to your platform.

I believe that your team could implement these strategies immediately and see similar results. This section is incredibly powerful because it shows that you are not only interested, you went ahead and proved out the value you could bring to the team. Additionally, the call to action can lead to conversations with the very people who will make the decision to hire you!

Your cover letter format says a lot about who you are as a person and a candidate. It also affects the scan-ability of your cover letter which is critical is you want to make it past those Applicant Tracking Systems! I shared an image at the very top of this blog post that breaks down the general format and flow of a great cover letter.

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Here it is again:. I always aim to include:. I used to just use the default Calibri or Arial too until I came across this post on the Psychology of Fonts. Both of these documents tend to go hand-in-hand when applying for jobs and staying consistent in both is a great way to show off some organizational skills and attention to detail.

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That means you want to:. If you pick an awesome cover letter template like the one I linked below and you match the formatting with your resume, your materials are going to look awesome and give you a great first impression. Finally, when all that work pays off and you make it past the final round, make sure your resume references sheet matches the templates you choose here. At this point you should have a solid understanding of the science behind writing a killer cover letter.

You should also have a good handle on what mistakes to avoid so your cover letter makes an awesome first impression.

Retail Manager Cover Letter (Text Format)

Now we need to apply all of that to ink on paper! Before we dive into the exact cover letter template, I want to give you some context so you can better understand the content of the letter.

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I started by doing some research on LinkedIn to find who I believed to be the hiring manager her name was Emmy. If I wanted to have a chance, I needed a compelling narrative around why I wanted to work for them and why I was a good fit. I grew up with Google. I still remember opening the browser and seeing the bright, multi-colored letters above the search box for the first time.

I believe I would be a great fit for the Digital Advertising Sales Account Manager role because I have a deep understanding of the businesses that partner with Google and how they define success. Understanding how these small businesses worked was critical to my success, and I believe those skills will help Google acquire happier, more successful customers who are inclined to spend. I wanted to close with a quick story about Google that solidified my choice to apply.

My referral, [Name of Referral] , works in the education vertical. He services the southeast and many of his accounts are rural. On his last visit down there, in a South Carolina town of 1, with no wifi, a teacher asked him if Google could help bring the internet to them. When [Name of Referral] made it back to the office, he emailed Astro Teller asking about the potential for Project Loon to help bring this town in the 21st century.

That is the kind of work I want to be doing. She was a high school Spanish teacher aiming to break into marketing. The company in question was an online education company that provides amazing video content for teachers to use in the classroom.

She decided to use that as the basis for her opening. Next, she goes on to address her non-traditional background and shifts the conversation towards her value by illustrating her knowledge of the company and linking to a value validation project she put together.

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I currently teach high school Spanish and I set aside time each class to teach my students about Spanish culture. This got my students interested in other aspects of Spanish culture. Soon after, I pursued teaching for a few years. In order to get more experienced in the marketing analytics space, I created my own online education website to teach Spanish to adult learners. After analyzing the company through the lens of both a marketer and a user, I put together a report outlining step-by-step data backed strategies that can help Discovery Education:. His drive to get the product in front of thousands of students is extraordinary.

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You can also download it in a variety of formats. Useful article for all job seekers who are likely to make cover letters to find a job but they should know that a poorly crafted cover letter may cost their dream job. Thanks for sharing these cover letter mistakes to avoid. Cheers to this article.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. May 7, at am. Austin Belcak says:. July 14, at pm. Ritesh Sharma says:. May 9, at am. No thanks, I love my job. Job Toolkit. Coaching Call. Resume Course. Ahh So Close! I'm giving away some of my premium content for FREE. This is stuff you won't find anywhere on the site. Stuff that's helped people just like you land jobs at places like Google with no "traditional" experience and without applying online. If you're tired of job searching and want to land a job you love, spin for a chance to win strategies most people pay for:.

I am able to resolve customer and staff complaints or issues quickly and satisfactorily when problems arise. My sound retail experience make me a terrific candidate for the retail supervisor role. I am patient and friendly while also terrific with documentation scheduling and supervision. My extensive knowledge of jewellery additionally allows me to answer almost any customer question regarding various watches rings necklaces bracelets and earrings.

If you choose me as your new jewellery department Retail Supervisor both Sears and your customers will have gained a terrific asset. I look forward to meeting with you in person to further discuss the available position. I am available either by email or telephone to schedule an interview and await your contact. Build Your Own. Brian Harding.