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Capital market and its types primary and secondary. Stock Exchange- Functions and trading procedure. Marketing Management- Concept. Marketing Functions. Marketing management philosophies.

Marketing Mix — Concept and elements. Product- Concept, branding, labelling and packaging. Price- Concept, Factors determining price. Physical Distribution - concept and components, channels of distribution: types, choice of channels. Promotion — Concept and elements; advertising concept, role, objections against advertising, personal selling-concept and qualities of a good salesman, sales promotion- concept and techniques, public relations- concept and role. Consumer protection Act Meaning of consumer and consumer protection.

Rights and responsibilities of consumers. Who can file a complaint against whom?

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Redressal machinery. Remedies available. In the age of tough competition in the academic world, CBSE class 12 business-studies sample papers are an ideal way to step up your preparation. Students get a series of sample papers for each subject, which means students get to create a strong foundation and clear all their doubts as they proceed. These CBSE class 12 business-studies question papers cover the entire syllabus efficiently and consist of varying styles of questions.

CBSE Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies

In other words, they contain both objective and subjective-type questions, mirroring the pattern of the actual CBSE exam paper. Related Post: essay writing on respecting the elders short essay on deforestation and afforestation why i become a medical assistant essay analysis essay of the story of an hour annie dillard teaching a stone to talk essay 3 words describe me college essay sammy keyes and the skeleton man book report writing a research essay will teach you powerpoint on how to write a narrative essay the myth of the latin woman thesis.

Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla. Authority responsibility relationship is also very clear. But C and Z cannot directly contact each other. Question 2. Explain the following principles of management by Fayol with examples.

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Answer Fayol introduced general principles of management Some of them have been explained below. Each group should have its own incharge and on no account the working of two divisions neither be overlaped.

This will ensure loyalty and devotion Lazy personnel should be dealt sternly and strictly There should be no discrimination against anyone on account of gender, religion, caste language or nationality etc All decisions should be merit based. Basically it means orderlinss. Answer Functional Foremanship Taylor advocated separation of planning and execution functions. This concept was extended to the lowest level of the shop floor.

It was known as functional foremanship. In a factory, the managers served as a link between the owners and the workers The managers have to get the work done from the workers which created sometimes problem between the two. Taylor emphasized that there should be harmony between the management and workers Both should realise that each one is Important. Management should share the gains of the company with the workers and at the same time workers should work hard and be ready to accept any change made for the betterment of the organisation.

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The standard time is fixed for the whole of the task by taking several readings. The method of time study will depend upon volume and frequency of the task, the cycle time of the operation and time measurement costs There are three objectives achieved through time study. If standard time taken to do a piece of work in 20 minutes then one work can be done 3 times In an hour and total 21 times 3 x 7 hours per day the work can be done on a single day.

Out of the above three workers were motivated to eliminate the third type completely and reduce the second one to the minimum This help in increasing productivity. A person is bound to feel tired physically and mentally if he does not take rest while working. The next intervals will help one to regain stamina and work again with the same efficiency for e. There is a lunch break of an hour for the workers to take rest similarly In a school there is a break tor the students and teachers after 4 periods of continuous learning. Different managers would use their own different methods of getting the work done.

But there is always one best method. Right from procurement of raw materials till the final product is delivered to the customer every activity is the part of method study.

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The objective of whole exercise IS to minimise the cost of production and maximise the satisfaction of the customer. The objective of standardisation are.

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CBSE Class 12 Case Studies In Business Studies

Simplification aims at eliminating unnecessary diversity of products. It results in savings of cost of labour, machines and tools. Check out what students and teachers had to say for the paper today. The first review is out and the analysis is that most of the students were satisfied with the paper. Teachers however called out to the lack of choices in the case study based questions. Amit, a class XII student noted that the paper was easy.

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Some of them were very easy and all had choice. But the case studies were tricky and took longer than expected. Teachers who went through the question paper agreed with the students. But the maybe the number of direct questions could have been more. There were about 25 or 28 marks direct questions — remaining is case study based.

It makes the paper lengthy. Another teacher also called the paper lengthy. The board needs to give a balanced question paper — the one which all students can take.