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With the guidance and encouragement of his classics professor, Forster grew to admire the modern European writers Tolstoy, Proust, and Ibsen, and began to test his own powers as a writer.

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It was during these years, too, that he first began to acknowledge his homosexuality, falling in love with another undergraduate, H. Meredith, who would be the center of his posthumously published novel Maurice. In , with his formal education over and uncertain about a career, Forster, accompanied by Lily, set off on a year-long trip to Italy to study Italian history, language, art, and literature, and to work on a novel-in-progress. His first three published novels, Where Angels Fear to Tread , The Longest Journey , and A Room with a View received generally favorable reviews and made him a minor literary celebrity, but not until the publication of Howards End did Forster achieve major acclaim as a writer.

During and Forster journeyed to India, beginning a lifelong fascination with the subcontinent. A return journey to India in provided the inspiration for A Passage to India , which was hailed as a masterpiece on publication. After writing five novels in succession, then ending a fourteen-year hiatus with A Passage to India , Forster retired as a novelist at age forty-five. He spent the second half of his life as a voracious reader, reviewer, and supporter of young writers such as J.

Ackerly and Eudora Welty. Leading an active literary and social life to the end, Forster died in at age Share: Share on Facebook.

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