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Additionally if you've already submitted an essay that wasn't written by you, there is the option to redo plagiarised coursework by resitting a module. Join us. Skip to main content.

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Tempted to pay for your essays? Here are six reasons not to. October 8 By Dave Sayers. Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on mail. Harsh penalties The penalties are harsher than you might imagine. Fool no more Purchased essays fool plagiarism software.

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On the record Even in the short term, before plagiarism software improves, the essay mill itself is a big liability for you. Bribery If you find a shadow author directly, without anonymity, they have a whole new business opportunity once the essay is in: extorting you for money under threat of exposing you. The risks outweigh the benefits, now and in the future. Have your say Log in or register to post comments. Featured universities. University of Murcia Video.

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Lancaster University Video. Merrimack College Video. Washington University in St Louis Video. University of Huddersfield Video. The step by step approach was instrumental in helping him figure out how to structure his essay and what sorts of topics might lend themselves to an effective essay. It was brief enough that he could read it, get it, and then utilize it for his essays in short order.

If you are just getting started on the application process, you might really appreciate this point. I know we did.

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Now that the apps are in, he is hearing back. All acceptances so far 6 schools with 8 still to go and multiple merit financial aid awards that I attribute, at least in part, to the strength of the essay he managed to write. The process is laid out nicely for me to help him get to his deepest story, an essential piece of the essay that MUST be done in order for the essay to be effective at setting the student apart from others. The only thing missing is the twinkle in his eyes as he connects with his audience!

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I highly recommend this book to parents, students and college counseling professionals who want to help students write compelling essays as part of the college admissions process. The exercises are engaging, and the step-by-step instructions are designed to create deep and insightful essays.


I have tried these tips with my students, and they work extremely well. It has everything I need, from planning my essay to specific strategies on structure and idea implementation. It's also very easy to read and formatted very neatly, with great annotation space and well-organized chapters. But what I love about this book most is its ability to help me find myself in the process - instead of churning out a formula for writing a solid essay, this book helps you dig deep into the things which are truly important to you with thought-provoking questions and brainstorm strategies.

I felt like the author was sitting next to me, probing my brain and asking me questions about my life and the threads that connect the different themes in my life. If you want to write a college essay that is personal, insightful, and truly revealing, this is the book for you. Online Courses.

Graduate School. School Partnerships. Free Resources. Personal Statement. University of California. Supplemental Essays. College Admissions. For Counselors. The Webinar Club. For Parents. Matchlighters Scholarship. Essay Workshop In A Box. Email Me. Want a copy for yourself, your student, or a friend? Purchase the book. Want to order a bunch of copies at a discounted rate?