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Students must maintain their required course-load. Semester course load for full-time students on Rice's three-semester academic calendar is nine credit hours or more as required by specific graduate programs for the fall and spring semesters. Full-time enrollment during the summer semester is at least six credit hours. An exception may only be granted in extenuating circumstances. All students are required to register in the semester of their defense.

An exception is automatically granted if the defense takes place during the first week of classes and the student was registered during the previous semester. An exception may be granted only in extenuating circumstances.

Completing your thesis

A full version of your dissertation complete with all references, figures and tables must be submitted to the committee at least two weeks prior to the scheduled defense; a copy should be emailed to the department office psyc rice. A public oral defense is required for all Ph.

Public notice must appear at least two weeks in advance of the oral examination; without sufficient notice, you will not be permitted to proceed with the defense as scheduled.

To arrange for public notice, complete and submit the Rice Events online form , which will post to the Graduate Studies calendar. The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral studies will email your Graduate Coordinator, who will forward the announcement to the Department; they will also mail a hard copy of the announcement, which will be posted in the mailroom and copy room.

In certain circumstances, an oral examination for the Ph. When you post your defense announcement to the Graduate Studies calendar, you should also email a copy of your dissertation to Carrie , who will print it and make it available in the Department office for the two weeks prior to your defense, as required by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Be sure to follow the thesis procedures described on the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website. Skip Navigation and go to main content Press Enter.

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Doctorate The dissertation represents the culmination of a student's graduate training and involves an original piece of research that advances psychology as a science. Candidacy The attainment of candidacy marks the completion of all requirements for the doctoral degree other than those related to research leading to the writing, submission, and defense of the thesis. Department Requirements As soon as you have finished your master's thesis or earlier if you had a master's degree when you enrolled at Rice , you should form your admission to candidacy committee.

Completing your thesis

Requirements may include but are not limited to : A completed version of the master's thesis, in a form suitable for submission to an appropriate journal. Successful completion of at least one additional research project that has been written up in a form suitable for submission to a journal.

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Presentation at a conference. Completion of additional courses or reading necessary to fill in gaps in background. A written exam. Admission to Candidacy After completing the candidacy requirements, obtain a signature from each member of your committee on a statement that your admission to candidacy requirements have been met. Thesis FAQ Students who have questions about candidacy, defense or thesis submission should first consult the General Announcements.

There are factors that affect when your candidacy petition is due. The first, based on when you started your degree program, is referred to as a "Time-Boundary". Review the General Announcements for more information, or review your individual time boundaries for candidacy and defense in your Esther account. In some cases, a student may achieve candidacy and plan to defend before their candidacy is actually due. In that case, the candidacy petitions are due Oct.

These deadlines are based upon when a program would be finished rather than when it began. Students should follow the format guidelines here. Information on defense, thesis submission, and candidacy can be found here. The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies no longer requires that the thesis be printed, all submissions through our office are done so as PDFs.

Some programs require students to provide printed copies of the thesis as part of the defense.

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If you have already achieved candidacy but have not yet defended, you may change your thesis committee. Check with your program administrator prior to your defense to begin the process. Guidelines can be found in section B here.

Last Semester Timeline for Graduate Students

All thesis committee changes must be made prior to defense. Refer here for instructions and process on obtaining thesis signatures. If time is not particularly pressing, you will find an express mail service the best way to complete these requirements.

blacksmithsurgical.com/t3-assets/irony/the-woman-who-rode-away.php Please consult with your program administrator for additional information and specific signature requirements.