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A full draft of a dissertation should generally be responded to within two months of receipt of the material.

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Absence from campus during the summer months may cause some unavoidable delays. If dissertation sponsors plan to be absent for long periods of time, they should inform their doctoral students well in advance and endeavor to continue to provide some supervision while absent. When on leave, faculty members should make arrangements for continued, regular supervision of the doctoral students whose dissertations they are sponsoring by mail, telephone, email, or through occasional meetings.

Regular full-time tenured and untenured faculty who are approved sponsors may choose to continue in their sponsor role if they leave Columbia University. Although some students may misconstrue encouragement and civilities or misinterpret the meaning of the phrase "approved for defense," it is important, while students are writing the dissertation, that sponsors make clear two fundamental features of the final examination procedure:.

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Student Guide Resources for every step of your graduate education. This chapter on dissertations preparation and copyright provides you with an outline of the basic copyright issues you may face in researching and drafting your dissertation.

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In addition, you should consider the following scenarios and questions:. A: If so, is it copyright protected? If not, then you may be able to reproduce it without further assessment. Q: If the work being integrated is copyright protected, can you justify your use as a far one?

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A: If so, then you may go ahead and reproduce the work but keep a copy of your notes about your fair use assessment and attribute the author of the work. A: You will have to seek permission by contacting the rights holders of the work you are integrating into your dissertation should such use not be considered a fair one.

Q: Are you integrating work written or created by you but having already been published or released by a third party? Q: If copyright protected, did you sign a publishing agreement and did you assign all or part of your rights to the publisher? A: If you assigned part or all of your rights to the publisher, then you may have to contact the publisher to seek permission to integrate your work into dissertation so that it may also be distributed by ProQuest.

Q: Are you integrating work that you created previously with a group of authors so that copyright in the work is owned by you but jointly with others? A:: If not, then you may be able to integrate the work into your dissertation. Q: If the copyrights were assisgned, did you retain the right to integrate your prior published work into your dissertation?

A: If so, then you have likely protected your rights adequately for dissertation purposes. If not, you will have to seek permission from the publisher.

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Q: Is your dissertation going to be published and will you be remunerated?