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AP Chinese results show a smaller percentage of 5s, and slightly higher percentages of 4s,3s,2s,1s. Multiple-choice: students generally performed at a higher level on the reading questions than the listening ones. Computer Science A. What teachers! English Language. Students scored equally well across all of the various passages in the multiple-choice section this year. English Literature. Students performed well on the multiple-choice questions, especially those focused on poetry analysis.

Same pattern as usual in the AP Eng Lit essays: scores were highest on the "free choice" Q3, and lowest on the poetry analysis Q1. This year, a very different top pick. Eileen Cahill of Salem Academy led the scoring of Q3 on the bildungsroman, collecting data re: books most frequently chosen by students. Any guesses on the book most frequently chosen by students for Q3?

Examiners noted some had fuzzy evidence, having read it yrs ago. The 8 and 9 most frequently selected texts for AP Eng Lit Q3 were not on the list of ideas for students: one Shakespeare, one contemporary. Environmental Science. Too many students take AP Environmental Science without taking the pre-requisites of a standard biology and standard chemistry course first. European History. Students tended to perform well, on average, across all topics and historical periods in the multiple-choice section.

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Students chose from 3 20th c. French Language. AP French students achieved a somewhat higher percentage of 5s this year. Nicely done. Students tended to perform at the same, solid levels across the full exam -- no variation in scores whether writing or speaking. Among non-heritage students the standard group , one AP French student earned a perfect score of out of pts possible.

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German Language. Government and Politics, Comp.

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Students really struggled with Q1 British coalition govt and Q5 supranational orgs. Students struggled with Q8 on ethnic divisions in Mexico and Nigeria. Can you name 2 supranational organizations? Government and Politics, US. By far the most challenging multiple-choice questions for AP US Govt students were on constitutional underpinnings. Performance was very similar on each of the 4 AP US Govt free-response questions, but slightly lower on Q2 parties' influence on elections. Human Geography. Scores hold steady this year, with a slight increase in the average score due to a smaller percentage of 1s.

Scores on the mc questions, on avg, are very good, the highest of any subject so far this year. Italian Language and Culture. Large increase in the percentage of students earning a 2 in AP Italian; all other percentages are smaller 5s, 4s, 3s, 1s. Time will tell. Japanese Lang. AP Japanese students tended to perform at high levels on questions focused on reading Japanese in the multiple-choice section of the exam. Students found the AP Latin translation tasks difficult.

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Student performance this year was very, very similar to last year. Students generally scored well on multiple-choice about basic concepts, but struggled with national income determination. Music Theory.

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Any aspiring musicians care to test your sight singing skills as AP Music Theory students did? Physics B.

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Scores very similar to last year, but just slightly higher. Slightly lower performance on the multiple-choice questions about electric circuits than the other m-c questions. Physics C Mech. Significantly lower scores -- smaller percentages of 5s in particular. Higher percentages of 2s and 3s. Multiple-choice: Students performed best, on average, on the kinematics questions. I'm not sure if there's another one, but this is the only AP Lang thread so far. Dream4Life replies threads Registered User Member.

I just ordered cliffsnotes, any reviews? Is it even worth buying an APLang review book? I don't really know what would be in one, is it just practice essay prompts or what? December What are your guys thoughts on the subject test, I would love to take it at the end of the year I only have two that I know I am taking , but I am afraid it does not align with the class well. Is there any way to receive your scored essays after the exam?

I like to keep all my written work in a portfolio to express my progression in writing. January How hard is the AP Language and Composition exam? I am getting switched into it next semester because I am doing well in my regular english class and I heard it is easy to pass with a 3 without studying if you are a decent writer is this true? Fluteman 75 replies 4 threads Registered User Junior Member. I didn't do a single thing in the class and I didn't study for the exam and I passed with a 3.

February As for out of class preparation probably just reviewing rhetorical devices and that kind of stuff. April Decided last week to self-study AP English Lang.

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I just ordered the Cliffs AP book and until it comes, I'm doing practice vocabulary online. I'm self-studying two other AP's because my school doesn't offer to Juniors, but I won't be upset if I don't do well on this AP because I'll only have studied for about 3 weeks. My impression of of this AP is that you either know how to do it or you don't and while practice and studying can improve your score, your writing ability is the determining factor.

Correct me if I'm wrong Wow Laughaholic I was thinking of world but I have too much going on, I thought. That's pretty late dude. This is the AP test i'm worried about bio i get fives on the practice tests, I'm not worried about that. Calc, provided I don't make dumb mistakes, I should do fine if I go over all my notes.

Gov, psh. Don't even mention it. I got a on the midterm. Now Lang, that's polar opposite. I'm not really amazing at multiple choice, so if I don't nail the essays, I'm bound for a four, which I already have two anyways so I mean, not the worst. My AP lang teacher is like notorious at our school for giving tough grades and whenever we have big papers, self-esteem plummets.