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Only three remained in the field. The one who was last, made an try in the last round and won. There was loud applause. The problem race1 also provided a good deal of fun. My friend got over all the problems with soften and was state first.

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The other races which we enjoyed were the potato race, the three-legged race and the slow round race. I took part in the slow round race and won the first prize. Now came the long and high jumps.

Annual Sports Day in School – Short Essay 1.

I join in both the events. The other event of the day were the shot-put, the discus throw and the javelin throw. I did not take part in any one of them.

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The last event of the of the sports was the tug-of-war. It show very lovely. Both the teams were evenly matched It was mostly the skills of my friends that made them win the game. This had the want effect. The Principal of my school took the greeting. Then the sports began. In the forenoon session, there were only field events, like long jump, high jump, javelin throw, discus throw, etc.

The afternoon was taken up by track events in which there were different kinds of races.

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After every event, the winners came to the victory. They were garlanded and lustily cheered. Events like a three-legged race, sack race, apple race and musical chair race provided the spectators much amusement. Cycle race was the last event of the day. At the end of the sports, the Prize Distribution Function was held. The function was presided over by Sh. Gill, an old student of our school. He gave away prizes to the winners of different events. These items were also very interesting. Then came the items for strong and healthy boys-the shot-put, the discuss throw, and the javelin throw.

I did not take part in these items. Again we had the most interesting item.

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It was the weight lifting. Arun had won the junior championship in this item last year. He went into the arena. He had a muscular body. He lifted the weights with great ease.

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We were waiting for the teachers' race. All the teachers took part in it. It was won by our P.

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Shri Rana. The sports finished at 5 P. The Principal requested the District Magistrate to give away the prizes. The competitors stood in a semi- circle. They came one by one to take their prizes. The Principal then thanked the District Magistrate. The school was closed for a day.

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The prize distribution followed the sports. Arun was considered the best athlete of the school. The P.

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  4. Everybody congratulated him. After this, the students got a packet of sweets each. We returned home happily. Please Enter Some Keyword. Disease List of All Education Success in