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But fear no more, because the open-access journal Continent published the definitive guide to learning Baudrillard in While we strongly encourage you to read the whole article , here is a brief meme-filled summary. Fucking truth bomb.

Baudrillard_Simulacra and Simulations

Is that too much to handle? The lesson here is to be skeptical or be a dumbass. The Jesuits, who are like the Mars Volta of religion, actually based all of their politics on the disappearance of God. Shit just got real, huh? Behind all those old pictures of God, besides the back of the painting and the wall, is the ghostly shadow of politics.

Anything to add?

But the social as a totality, as a bare named signifier, persists because the social always remains as a residue to mark the situation we are in. With the naming of any void, the absent remainder, we can never get away from conditions like being in society, whatever ideology or other kinds of hyperreality. Hyperreality is the kind of situation presupposes the very topography that we are trying to define, to get away from!

If anything, what is confusing about Baudrillard is that he does not allow us any access, imaginary or real, to what we are talking about. What he calls simulation is also the very naming of a given set of the conditions that allow us to talk about anything at all, simply because such terms act as null reference points to its own generic logic. Overall, I appreciate this difficulty because in making you work for it, the concept will stick with you. It can inspire you, help you along. Is this a site of resistance to the ubiquitous hyperreality?

The Only Explanation of Baudrillard You’ll Ever Need

Although, it is arguable that while there is the process of reading, if you read the good stuff, each time it will be different. This difference however, is really a pre-fabricated genre soaked simularca because it is different. The real, the real object is supposed to be equal to itself, it is supposed to resemble itself like a face in a mirror—and this virtual similitude is in effect the only definition of real—and any attempt, including the holographic one, that rests on it, will inevitably miss its object, because it does not take its shadow into account precisely the reason why it does not resemble itself —this hidden face where the object crumbles, its secret.

The holographic attempt literally jumps over its shadow, and plunges into transparency, to lose itself there original italics.

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Whatever process of reading you have, you inevitably create a conception of it, and in that conception, blur the totality of everything else around it, to make room for this conception. So in a twist of Baudrillardian logic, perhaps we read Simulacra and Simulation in order to claim everything is a simulation. Alex Lee reads books and wonders often about what's really going on All Introspection. Mugshot October 17, Classroom Management October 10, Variations: Landslide June 12, Variations on a Theme: Walls June 5, All Collaborative Review Video Review.

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