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My first…and yes, my last… college party experience.

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  5. Funny stories that actually happened to me: Trip to the mall.
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My middle brother, he was definitely The Middle Child, and would always get in trouble and sent to his room. The birth order was 3 girls, 2 boys, 3 girls, and 1 boy. He was the middle child of his set of three, the middle boy, and the middle of all nine of us children. He did not stand a chance of getting caught at anything he did. At our old house we lived in a one-story, three-bedroom. Everyone knew what everyone was doing at all times. When we moved, our parents found a two-story house.

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Living there was a bit harder to tell who was in trouble, but it usually came down to the common factor. The middle brother. One day, we heard the familiar sound of my Dad sending him to his room. Grounding just gave us more time to increase our imaginations. He proceeded to entertain himself by a rope he found in his closet. He roped all he could out of the backyard and pulled it up to his bedroom.

He filled his room with bikes, rakes, and whatever he could find.


He ran out of things he could reach with the rope. Along comes the youngest child. He talks him into putting the rope around his waist. He proceeds to pull him up, but cannot get his younger brother to stop screaming. My older sister and I go to see what was going on. He told us to go outside before Daddy hears. I sent David to his room. My Dad was curious as to our reactions of fear and panic and we were hoping my youngest brother could hold on until we got there.

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My Dad slowly turned to see where we were going. He saw the dangling feet above him. We were laughing so hard it was hard to get my youngest brother down. Finally, we did and we told David he better find a way to clear his room before Dad came up to spank him. Too late!! Keighley Speights says It was during the summer of my 11th grade year, and I went to see my grandma, and stayed for a whole month.

I have a special affinity for embarrassing myself when see someone cute. One day we go to the grocery store after church, me wearing a dress and heels. Me and my grandmother go through the ails to find something to eat and I see this really cute guy, I occasionally glanced up at him and saw him looking at me from behind the checkout counter. When we find everything he rings us up and my grandma asks for some ribs which we outside cooking small town stuff.

Something funny that happened to me

She had already paid for everything so I grabbed the cart and walked to the car. As I was walking clearly in view of the cute guy and my grandma, I pass by a car which has a young kid in it probably waiting for his mom or dad.

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  • My personal value statement A funny incident essay Ricky Martin the weekend, my girlfriend and i went out to visit one of the most famous night markets around my university. Fun the way, when talking about something funny during the real speaking test, try to smile and show some positive feelings! Home Sitemap. Cover letter administrative assistant recent graduate An unforgettable day in your life essay you know, the man who was misunderstood as my boss had an imposing apearance while my boss was a small person. Enrico rukzio dissertation Writing a literature review for a dissertation i asked my wife and children to behave well and present our family in the best light.

    I saw other people do this but I don't think it beats the things that happens to me and my friends when we're out lol! So Enjoy:.

    So during the summer in July of , my friends Ashley and Kelsey decided to go to the mall. When we arrived at the mall we were just looking around at stuff in the stores and did a little shopping. As we were walking around for a little bit, we decided to grab something to eat from the chinese place.

    I don't like chinese so I went over and got some pizza and a drink. As I was walking to the table my friends were sitting at, I dropped the pizza and drink all over me. I tripped over a little kids bouncy ball!

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    I was so mad that I picked the bouncy ball up and threw it to the other side of the room. Well just my luck, it end up hitting some girl in the back of the head.


    This girl was probably about in her early 30s and I'm just a teenager. Well anyway she came charging over to me after someone told her it was me that threw the bouncy ball at her head. It was an accident, it's not like I meant to hit the old hag in the head. So I saw she was coming towards me so I ran in the opposite direction and hid in a store.