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We show that Vigilante can automatically contain fast-spreading worms that exploit unknown vulnerabilities without blocking innocuous traffic.

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Understanding Vigilantism - Informal Security Providers and Security Sector Reform in Liberia

Abstracting with credit is permitted. In doing so it also becomes easier to identify the hidden links between these formal and informal networks that at various levels interact, complement, or even compete with each other. Liberia: Qualified successes in recruitment eroded by lack of sustainability.

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SSR Assessment Framework. Mallika Joseph.

The Politics of Protection: Perspectives on Vigilantism in Nigeria

Revisiting Security Sector Reform in Liberia. DCAF: a centre for security, development and rule of law.

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Ghana could draw lessons from Sierra Leone who successfully demobilised and re-settled ex-combatants after conflict. Unless government policies create a more equal society, for example, through better employment opportunities for young people, vigilantism will remain a stable feature of Ghanaian politics.

Tackling inequality also means more decisive action against corruption, which is widespread and vicious.

Corruption allows the rich to get richer and prevents people from being held accountable for their actions. This creates conditions for vigilante activity. Lastly, the police service must be independent, well-resourced and insulated from partisan politics.

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To do this, there must be an overhaul. The police service must be decentralised to improve community-police relations and the current political appointment of police chiefs should be replaced by a competitive recruitment process.

Empathy and Ethics

A new governance structure made up of people with expertise in police work, like academics and practitioners, should be created to oversee police work. Courageous Leaders: promoting and supporting diversity in school leadership development — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.