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Is there a reason you picked one country over another to study in? The more specific you are the better. It shows the university that you have given serious thought to your studies and that you are ready for the commitment!

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Write with enthusiasm and let admissions know what you are excited to see and do in your new home. Make sure you do the research in advance! Name some museums you would be interested in exploring or some monument you would be interested in seeing.

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This will show your school that you will not take your study abroad experience for granted, and that you already have things to do to integrate into your new home easier. Whether you are recently entering college or ready to graduate, your experience says a lot about what you will accomplish on your study abroad. If you want to make your study abroad essay stand out, make sure to make mention of your previous experience.

Mention major academic accomplishments, work experience, or skills that you might find useful abroad, such as knowledge of a second language. The university knows you will learn a lot during your time abroad, but the more you can bring to the program, the better! The best study abroad essays are the ones with a little bit of personality! Studying abroad comes with challenges, and if the university gets a sense you are ready for them, you will move to the top of the list. Add a personal story about something relevant to living and studying abroad. Describe a time you traveled somewhere new or met a friend from a different country.

A well-rounded individual with some experience is the perfect candidate to take their studies overseas. Showing some enthusiasm while also keeping your expectations realistic is the right way to show the admissions team that you have thought long and hard about your decision to study abroad, and that you are ready to pack up and move abroad. Some universities will ask specific questions or ask students to format their essays in a particular way.

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If the essay is open-ended—great! Follow our tips to get inspired. But, if there are specific questions, make sure you answer them clearly and concisely. There might not be any right or wrong answers, but your school will still be looking for students who are able to express themselves and get their point across.

Don't forget to proofread before handing in your essay. If possible, it's great to have someone take a look over it as well, especially if it's a professor or someone who has written a study aborad essay before.

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If you're trying to figure out where you would like to study though, now worries! In many ways, making friends as an international student is actually easier! Here are five tips to stay social and make life-long friends during study abroad. Here are 10 study abroad myths that may be holding you back. Planning on studying a Master's degree in Europe? We're offering a scholarship to help cover your tuition fees and get you one step closer to your next great adventure!

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