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This is a good start to an A paper. The ideas and the way they are presented in your essay represent a more than competent understanding of the text. Besides being almost free of mechanical errors, the paper delivers substantial information and makes cogent, fresh arguments - that is, in both quality and interest-value. Its specific points are logically ordered, somewhat developed, and supported, and unified around a clear organizing scheme that is apparent early in the paper.

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Your thesis, "Through the effective use of all three of these tools, this poem conveys a strong meaning and persuasive argument," is underdeveloped and lacks the specificity of a strong, more concise idea. You demonstrate a strong, varied, and sophisticated literary vocabulary diction, figurative language, metaphors, similies and imagery.

The paper's relatively few syntactic, usage, and mechanical errors do not seriously detract from the main focus, but the language, while neither trite nor bureaucratic, lacks the candor and precision of the most memorable writing. Its transitions, while appropriate "The poem's use of excellent diction helps to Directly quoted lines are integrated into the text with appropriate attribution and commentary.

The Negatively Conotated Imagery in Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen

By commentary, I mean a discussion of how the appropriate textual support provides meaning "Words like "guttering", "choking", and "drowning" not only show how the man is suffering, but that he is in terrible pain that no human being should endure". This paper, although adequately analyzing the brutality of war and its repercussions, lapses in analysis or in sufficient commentary - those cogent comments that connect proof to meaning and support of the thesis. Overall, this paper provides enough support and analysis worthy of a B.

This essay is of a good quality, but with more improvement on word choice, syntax and commentary, this essay will be of excellent quality. Well done. He needs us, through the uncomfortable beat associated with the simile s, to hear and feel the pain. By contrast, the hollow emptiness of the final line is illustrated by writing only a trimeter followed by white space. The heaviness and misery of the men is reflected in the slightly dull and routine ab ab rhyme-scheme.

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Reflection As Owen moves away from the gas attack, addressing his anger to those at home, he employs direct and powerful verb s. Contrast Owen uses contrast to intensify the horror experienced by soldiers and his audience.

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M any had lost their boots But li m ped on.. All went la m e. Investigating language and tone in Dulce et Decorum Est Verb s tell us about the action in a poem. List all the verbs which Owen uses in this poem and explore their impact on you the reader Noun s depict objects. Make a list of the common nouns Owen uses and see if you can pick out any patterns. Investigating structure and versification in Dulce et Decorum Est Iambic pentameter is the rhythm of normal speech. Make a note of how Owen uses structure to move us through the poem. The Book of Genesis shows God resting after the six days of creation.

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  5. The Jewish sabbath was designated as a day of rest, following this example. The technical name for a verse, or a regular repeating unit of so many lines in a poem. Poetry can be stanzaic or non-stanzaic. Alliteration is a device frequently used in poetry or rhetoric speech-making whereby words starting with the same consonant are used in close proximity- e.

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    Abstract nouns are used to refer to abstract entities such as ideas, emotions or concepts e. A pair of words or final syllables that are spelled similarly but which are in fact pronounced differently. The form of a verb which indicates that the action happened in the past. Verb form indicating continuous action now: for example: I am running, they are running.

    The form of a verb which indicates continuous action in the past. The form of a verb which indicates that the action is happening now.

    Dulce Et Decorum Est

    The device, frequently used at the ends of lines in poetry, where words with the same sound are paired, sometimes for contrast ' for example, 'breath' and 'death'. A line containing five metrical feet each consisting of one stressed and one unstressed syllable. A unit of metre, being a foot of two long, or stressed, syllables.

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