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Things started simple with rounds each morning before focusing on the higher risk cases. I was fortunate enough to get to know some of the patients quite well, and I could sometimes help them pass the time with a game or two on a slow afternoon between treatments. These experiences shined a very human light on a field I had previously seen only through a microscope in a lab.

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I arrived one morning as usual, but Dr. Q pulled me aside before rounds. She said one of the patients we had been seeing passed away in the night. I held my composure in the moment, but I felt as though an anvil was crushing down on me. It was tragic but I knew loss was part of the job, so I told myself to push forward.

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A few days later, I had mostly come to terms with what happened, but then the anvil came crashing back down with the passing of another patient. I could scarcely hold back the tears this time.

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I was still carrying the weight of what had happened and it was showing, so I asked Dr. Q for help. How do you keep smiling each day? How do you get used to it?

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The questions in my head went on. What I heard next changed my perspective forever.

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I realized that moving passed the loss of patients would never suffice, but I need to move forward with them. Through the successes and shortcomings, we constantly make progress. I like to imagine that in all our future endeavors, it is the hands of those who have gone before us that guide the way. That is why I want to attend medical school and become a physician. We may never end the sting of loss, but physicians are the bridge between the past and the future.

No where else is there the chance to learn from tragedy and use that to shape a better future. If I can learn something from one loss, keep moving forward, and use that knowledge to help even a single person — save one life, bring a moment of joy, avoid a moment of pain—then that is how I want to spend my life.

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The next loss still brought pain, but I took solace in moving forward so that we might learn something to give hope to a future patient. I returned to campus in a new lab doing cancer research, and my passion for medicine continues to flourish. I still think about all the people I encountered at St.

Beneficence: The ethics of beneficence such as ethical behavior is obliged to do well.

Jude, especially those we lost. It might be a stretch, but during the long hours at the lab bench I still picture their hands moving through mine each step of the way.

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I could never have foreseen where the first steps of the St. Jude Run would bring me. The doctor faces issues with relationships, confidentiality, consent, legal requirements of treating communicable diseases, as well as malpractice. The first ethical violation that Dr. Smith is guilty of is having a personal relationship with a patient. Because of the relationship with the patient, Dr. Smith would never consider discussing a patient with her.

The laws define exactly what information can be released and to whom. Josh is also asking Dr. Smith to break the law by not report the test results to the public health department.

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There is a legal requirement for reporting and treating communicable diseases. Smith must report the positive test results according to the law; however he does have a close relationship with his brother-in-law and does not want to lose his trust, especially with his current medical condition. Although Dr. A lawsuit may be brought from an injury related to surgery, defective equipment or medical products, care that was omitted or a deliberate act that caused harm to a patient.

Smith can be sued for malpractice by anyone who contracts hepatitis C from Josh if he does not report the case and give Josh the proper treatment. Smith will be guilty of omitting care. A kind act by a caring doctor has quickly turned into a legally and ethically nightmare.

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  8. Smith chose to make his brother-in-law a patient by ordering labs that gave a positive result for hepatitis C. Smith can now face charges and lose his license to practice medicine.