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Hello Uncle-Aunty I dont know how to express my feelings about you, specially about Aunty who cares us as her child. When I was sick, from the time of taking appointment with doctors to go to doctor along with me, she done what my parents do. As going back to India, although I will meet my parents, but still I will miss her everytime forever.

You both are our parents of this foreign land. I hope I will meet them again. Sunday, Hello Uncle and Aunty, Time has come for me to leave Karlsruhe and with a broken heart, I reluctantly have to bid you good bye. The wonderful moments that I have spent in your company over the last nine months are my cherished posessions.

The feeling, that I have uncle and aunty to confide upon whenever in trouble is beyond expression of words. I pray for your long and healthy life and since this is just the beginning of our association, do remember that you have a son who is always eager to help you in whatever capacity anytime anywhere. I am looking forward for your visit to India.

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With regards Mustaque Ahmed. Hi uncle and aunty, I would like to say that from the day we arrived here and now that we are going back, in each occassion and at each time it was you people that made our stay in germany so memorable. I remember the day I was sick and aunty took all the trouble to take me to a doctor, it made me feel that I am at home. I feel very lucky that I came to karlsruhe than going to any other universities in germany. I want to thank both of you from the bottom of my heart. I will miss both of you once I leave germany Friday, Dear Mr.

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Kunchiwala, I, Mr. Yashavant Kulkarni, father of Davendu Kulkarni studying in Karlsruhe University for last 9 months, firstly thank you a lot. Actually, the word 'thanks' have very short meaning which is unable to express my feelings. It cannot be put up in the words.

Moreover I will mention that you are also a partner in the success of my son in completing his educational study in Germany. I believe that you both will live in our hearts life long. Yashavant Kulkarni and Mrs. Yogini Y. Dear Aunty and Uncle, Well, although my parents have already expressed their feeling and I also feel the same. But then I also wants to fil the guest book I was happy and surprised and was really eager to meet such people.

Through my seniors I came to know about Aunty and Uncle and they told me about their website.

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I immediately mailed aunty and within few minutes i got her reply. I was really surprise. I got really excited to meet aunty and Uncle.

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I never felt home sick. Aunty uncle love us like our parents. Uncle's home used to give me a very homely feeling. And the dinner I used to have with uncle was simply great. He guided us and made our stay in Germany very pleasant. Not only this It has always being great to be in company of Aunty and Uncle. We call Aunty a walking Encyclopedia. She is very Knowledgeable and an interesting person.

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She is very sweet and always their whenever you need her. Uncle being very jovial is simply a wonderful person who live life Kingsize. Now when the time has come to leave Germany I feel really sad. But I want to tell you one thing this is not the end of our relationship but just a beginning. My parents are very eager to meet you. So I invite you to please come to my place when you come to India.

I Dont know anything Aunty and Uncle you have to take some time from your busy schedule to meet your daughter in India. I feel like writing endless but dont want to take much space of this wonderful website. By all means, you were like our parents. You made our lives very easy in a foreign land.


We never hesitated to approach you for any kind of favour. The frequent dinners and the very special kuchens are the memories to cherish. Visits to different places with you are simply unforgettable. I would like to thank you for all your helps and guidance. I pray to God for your long and healthy lives. With regards, Rajib.

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Tuesday, 9. Hello Uncle and Aunty, Time flows by but memories remain forever. Standing at the juncture of our return to India,we DAAD students realize how much prized and precious your company was to us. Your parental guidance not only enabled us to overcome the initial hurdles of a foriegn land but thereafter ensured a smooth stay for us. I will never forget the wonderful Sunday picnic we had in Schloss garten in your company followed by a visit to Rhine.

May the Almighty give you a long and healthy life and may you continue to shower your unconditional love and affection towards Indians in the same way in years to come by. I seek your blessings as thaking you for all that you have done would be belittling the value of this relationship. I will always cherish the sweet memories of your company. With warmest regards Tushar Kanti Guha. April We are really fortunate and worriless parents to find our children in the safe hands of godly personality like you.

The words become short to express our feelings, happiness, emotions and gratitude to such a personality who will not be remembered by us but by our generations to come as well for the noble cause undertaken by you. Let A B C represent any associated impressions. If they would not be baptized they were hanged or drowned; and, once baptized, they were flogged if they did not attend mass, and burned if they slid back to idol-worship. In the Greek there are five cases in each of hypothesis advanced guestbook 2. That is not very easy either. But the stomach of every new-born animal is necessarily empty.

If it acts simply to approve what the librarian does and to see that he gets the necessary funds, it is regarded as ideal. It is, on the whole, rare for the American tribes to declare themselves autochthonous. You may make a highly unsuitable person a bishop, or the editor of a comic journal, and you will find that, for most onlookers, time will soon begin to invest the position with a sort of suitability.

This brings us to another point of kinship between play and laughter. On his inquiring into the causes of the mutual devastations of the neighboring races, the Saxons, who were really the aggressors, offered to prove by the duel that the Pagan Luitzes were in fault, trusting that their Christianity would overbalance the injustice of their hypothesis advanced guestbook 2. By touching a certain spring, all obstacles are removed, the doors fly open, and the whole gallery is seen at a single glance.

The attitude of reverence towards superiors has for its psychological concomitant the impulse to imitate. And first, let us not hastily conclude that we are necessarily well employed simply because we are librarians. People come too much in contact in town: in other places they live too much apart, to unite cordially and easily.

If a letter requires an immediate answer, send it by a private hand to save postage. Eat, eat, while there is bread, Drink, drink, while there is water; A day comes when dust shall darken the air, When a blight shall wither the land, When a cloud shall arise, When a mountain shall be lifted up, When a strong man shall seize the city, When ruin shall fall upon all things, When the tender leaf shall be destroyed, When eyes shall be closed in death; When there shall be three signs on a tree, Father, son and grandson hanging dead on the same tree; When the battle flag shall be raised, And the people scattered abroad in the forests.

In these tongues many verbs must be studied separately, as they have numerous exceptions, phonetic changes, deficiencies, etc. Such is the system of this learned and ingenious father, concerning the nature of beauty; of which the whole charm, according to him, would thus seem to arise from its falling in with the habits which custom had impressed upon the imagination, with regard to things of each particular kind. This spirit and keenness constitutes the difference between the man of enterprise and the man of dull regularity. It is unlucky that we sometimes remember the heroic sentiments, the profound discoveries, the witty repartees we have uttered in our sleep.

Upon the knowledge of this distance and situation depends the whole conduct of human life, in the most trifling as well as in the most important transactions. Among those primary objects which nature had recommended to us as eligible, was the prosperity of our family, of our relations, of our friends, of our country, of mankind, and of the universe in general. The oligarchical and aristocratic tendencies, however, which were so strongly developed in the Hellenic commonwealths, imposed upon it a limitation characteristic of the pride and self-respect of the governing order.

After this disaster, a celebrated Dutch engineer was employed, who commenced his operations by driving and hedging down large stakes and piles, to make a firm substantial foundation; this was first done on the north and afterwards on the south side of the entrance, for the purpose of forcing the ebbing of the tide to run out by a north-east channel. When, however, a change of state occurred, I felt so interested for his trembling and doubtful situation, that I had even a bed put up for him in my own room.

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The boy himself would not have laughed at the spectacle at another time, but viewed it with quite different feelings. The cruelly wronged Dame de Carrouges, clothed in black, is mounted on a sable scaffold, watching the varying chances of the unequal combat between her husband, weakened by disease, and his vigorous antagonist, with the fearful certainty that, if strength alone prevail, he must die a shameful death and she be consigned to the stake.

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No one disputes it, and as this appears to be the chief ground on which its support by public funds is justified we may regard it as settled that the library is to continue to play its part in public instruction. Shall it deal in trivialities and end in vacuity?

Human society, when we contemplate it in a certain abstract and philosophical light, appears like a great, an immense machine, whose regular and harmonious movements produce a thousand agreeable effects. Then we have a demand from both sides for a definition of their respective rights and responsibilities. The Hercules is not elegant; the Venus is simply beautiful. In both the voices, the number of infinitives and participles is much smaller in the Latin than in the Greek. When at dinner and spoken to by her grandfather, she turned her head as far as she could.