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These ransom prices differ depending on ship size, and amount of passengers captured. This price could be anywhere from , to 1. Navy on 12 April It was the first successful pirate seizure of a ship registered under the American flag since the early nineteenth century. It not only put them in the news in all their glory, but also acted as a warning that the anti-piracy movement was on the rise and that it was time for them to go into hiding for a while. Every aspect of piracy has a price, and each attack or even just attempt takes a toll on the economy of the country affected.

These pirates patrol the coast of Africa, and will go for any ship they think looks vulnerable regardless of its country of origin or where the vessel company is based out of. They know that even if the ship is dry of loot they will be paid handsomely just for the boat itself and its many hostages. This was originally thought of as a brilliant solution, keeping the pirates away from any ship with armed guards on it thus allowing for safe travel. However, the cost to put armed guards on every ship travelling through the waters off the coast of Africa was too high, and the intimidation factor of the guns only lasted for so long.

Very effective, but ultimately too difficult to implement everywhere where it was needed, so other solutions were pursued. The most substantial of these being the rescue mission for the Maersk Alabama, a US flagged Virginia based ship headed for Kenya, hijacked by Somali pirates resulting in a hostage situation. Regardless of the many solutions tried a good deal vessels found it most effective to just speed through the dangerous area. However this results in heightened fuel consumption on ships that already burn fuel at around tons of bunker fuel per day.

This number is astonishingly low, but makes a large statement in regards to how much money has been put on the line during this whole piracy catastrophe. There have been recorded attacks on commercial vessels from all around the world off the Coast of Africa, a large fraction of which were successful and involved ransom money. We focus more on how to fix the dilemmas happening now, rather than look deeper and try to fix them at the source.

The Somali sea: A study of the root cause of piracy: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer

Many of the efforts made to be rid of piracy as a whole have only made but a mere dent in the damage it causes each year. We, the Unites States, along with many other countries involved resort to big guns and intimidation when it comes to dealing with foreign dilemmas. We need to look harder and use elaborate strategies if we ever want to fix this global complication, because the gains are fragile and reversible.

It is said that if counter-piracy efforts are abandoned, there is the risk that maritime piracy might return to the crisis levels it was at during and Somali piracy has been going on for too long and the solutions proposed are all too short term. Many have said that the Somalian pirates are simply defending what they love by leading these attacks, and that their actions are justified. We are simply patrolling our seas. However, that is not the root of the problem. The oceanic dumping of waste and oil has been going on for longer than most are fully aware, even back when there were no laws even remotely addressing it.

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It is much simpler to try and keep these ships safe, and make their journeys easier than to penalize them for something they can not do very much about. Once a solid solution has been put in place keeping all seafarers safe, we can shift our focus onto the legal matters regarding the dumping. We can collaborate with other powerful nations and create new laws and regulations regarding the organized dumping and transportation of waste when travelling overseas.

However, focusing on the task at hand we need to resolve the global problem of piracy at sea, keeping valuable resources and human lives safe. Somali Piracy influence and attacks peaked in and , and has been steadily decreasing since then.

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A lot of different solutions to global piracy have come and gone, none of which fully did the job. There has been an uptick in security on vessels, and watchdog organizations patrolling the seas.

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There have also been rescue missions conducted, some successful and some not. We are still searching for the golden solution to this predicament, because there has been suspicion that the pirates will come back out when we let our guard down. We can only afford these royalties for so long and eventually our security will diminish over time. What we do then is the true test of our strategic abilities and how advanced we are as a society.

Until we find the solution all we can do is treat the symptoms, and hope that soon we can work together as a team to prevent the further death or endangerment of our people at the hands of the treacherous and desperate pirates at sea. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

However, modern day usage denotes countries with low Human Development Index HDI that suffer from political, social and economic underdevelopment. The United Nations finds…. Most of us have been exposed to the turmoil faced by those living on the hottest continent on earth since we were very young. With documented populations of 7.

Most of us have been exposed to the hardships faced by those living on the hottest continent on earth since we were very young. In the fiscal year of , the U. Somalia piracy has been a crime issues on the justice system and is a global issue to the United States causing an interference of goods being transported.

Dumping of toxic and hazardous wastes by international companies possibly with organized crime involvement …. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Piracy in Somalia Essay. Piracy in Somalia Essay Words 6 Pages. Show More. Due to the clan-based organization of Somali society and the country's strategic location in the Horn of Africa, conditions were ripe for the growth of piracy.

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