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At the career center where people are actually building things, welding, working with others, making different projects, etc. The perfect set of classes then for myself would be ones that are interactive and those that you have to get out of your chair for and do something other that read a book, or sit there on a calculator all day. Classes such as these will get more people to join and to want to learn more about the subjects and topics. I would study the human body because I have an interest in that, but also if there were classes where you had to make business decisions and there would be a sort of simulator, that would also be very cool to do.

Class time would be spent doing these projects.

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That would be awesome, it would totally do away with that feeling of being boring and sameness that comes along with school and it would mostly resemble what our lives would be in a couple years if we were to continue pursuing that class. The classes would be pretty different from regular school because it would actually prepare us for our future for our specific job choice. There also would not be any standardized testing.

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Any comment you leave below will be added to the feedback on the draft. All Posts. My Ideal School. No Comments. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A normal school day consists of the student arriving at school in the morning. Note that this school is not a boarding school.

I believe that the best education consists of an equal balance between time spent at home and time spent at school. Or more so they can learn about whatever they want. The school encourages individualism. We encourage each student to deeply learn about the topics they are interested in.

On ways of learning, students are encouraged to get hands on experience, like traveling, and taking trips. The students do not have to follow text books. They can always ask the teachers or should I say mentors questions about anything. According to their interests, students can learn things from how to ride a bike, to Greek mythology, to the modern languages. Each day is spent following their curiosities, solving mysteries, exchanging ideas with a mentor, or just simply sitting in silence meditating.

There is no pressure to be someone, or to achieve something. These students do not need to face standardized testing which is all about meeting specifically set standards. They are not categorized and most importantly they are not institutionalized. Favorite Quote: "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

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