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1. The Beginning: Set the mood and highlight your problem

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Even after you get admitted and enrolled in your study program, challenges don't disappear. You may take a few days or even weeks to bask in your hard-earned success of becoming a university freshman. But don't get lost in the attractions of new social experiences you'll go through.

Remember why you are there in the first place - to get an education and graduate with a degree. You'll be surprised to see how fast things happen on the academic side of college life. After the first few weeks, the tempo of academic life starts rising pretty fast, and many freshmen start feeling the real heat of college. There will be numerous lectures to attend across a number of courses.

But most stressful will be the large volume of reading and writing assignments, some of which may not only be difficult but also have tight deadlines. Among the courses you'll take, there will be those that are widely new to you. Although they will mostly be introductory in nature, they can still be difficult to understand, especially since it's all new.

It's not unusual for a lot of first-years to struggle with wrapping their heads around new concepts and complex ideas. But with regular study and tests, they can be mastered. As the pace of academic work picks up, you don't want to be left behind and struggling. Planning your day and week is going to be a vital task. Time management will be an inevitable part of your journey toward academic success in college.

But even when you plan things, life in college can still throw you curve balls.

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Whatever the unexpected events may be, always strive to see that your academic performance is not heavily impacted. Whenever you struggle with your difficult courses and assignment workload, you can get help by studying with other students, enrolling in online courses, and getting assignment help from online academic writing services. Ultimately, we look forward to leveraging our experienced college admissions essay writers to give you an edge and get you accepted into college. Since one good turn deserves another, we believe you'll surely come to us again during your college years to get help for essays and other academic writing tasks.

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Menu BestCustomPaper. Take that opportunity and run with it. Many selective colleges and universities have their own essay prompts. Other colleges may simply offer you free writing space to provide a personal statement. However, the Common Application is perhaps the best starting point for anticipating likely college essay prompts. The Common Application, which is accepted by nearly colleges and universities, is a single-serving college application that allows you to create one admissions package for submission to multiple schools.

Meredith Lombardi explains that "For students applying to multiple institutions, the Common App streamlines the application process by eliminating the redundancy of filling out multiple applications. Our application provides students with the necessary tools to showcase themselves and their talents while providing a unique picture of who they are as an individual. The Common App is also a great way to save time and money. The Common Application also gives you the option of responding to one of 7 different essay prompts.

If you don't plan on using the Common App, these prompts can still offer insight into a topic you'll likely be writing on for your school of choice. On the subject of essay prompts, Meredith points out that the 7 variations offered by the Common App are designed to give all applicants the opportunty to share something meaningful about themselves. She notes that "The prompts allow students to showcase different personal attributes, such as personal growth, facing adversity, problem solving, or intellectual curiosity.

We hope that students can see themselves in one or more of the prompts and that by having a range of options to choose from, they will feel excited rather than intimidated by the writing process. The Common Application gives you a space of between and words to respond to one of the following prompts:.

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To learn more, check out The Common Application Guide. Based on the prompts above, you can see that college essay topics generally fall into a few major categories.

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For many colleges, you can anticipate writing about something relating to:. When given this freedom, choose a topic that seems inherently interesting to you. Tell a story that best illustrates who you are and how you can contribute to the unique makeup of a student body. Avoid boasting or merely listing accomplishments. Instead, find an area in which you are naturally confident, and use that area of your life to drive this story. The story will, in turn, provide context for your accomplishments.

Be warned that some college essays demand more creativity than others. Consider the cultural identity of your prospective school as you formulate your topic. Some colleges are more formal than others. Some may embrace a tradition of creative thinking. In some instances, you can actually see this cultural identity reflected in an essay prompt. Approach your writing topic accordingly. According to Business Insider , Tufts University and the University of Chicago have both earned reputations for their out-of-left-field essay questions.

Second, they want to see your creativity. They want to see how you think when challenged. They want to see how you function when removed from the safe confines of formula and expectation. In other words, when confronted with an unusual topic, use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity, showcase your individuality, and make the case that you would make a unique contribution to the student body.

And if the topic is weird, feel free to write a weird essay.

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Whatever the essay prompt or topic, there are a few universal tips for writing an awesome college essay:. That stuff is all in your application. Not too personal, of course.